Vision Statement

Serving God Through Missions and Ministries


Statement of Theology, United Church of Christ, Yankton


As Christians we profess to follow the teachings of Jesus. However, it is not enough to simply believe in the teachings of Jesus; we must seek out ways to perform his work in our world.



To that end we believe we must make community-focused programs the basis of our ministry.  
 We can best show our Christian love for others by following the examples Jesus set for us when he ministered to the hungry, sick, poor and unloved. We must go beyond the walls of our church and the confines of our congregation’s membership and look for ways Jesus would have us respond to the needs of God’s people in our community and our world.


We believe God has provided each person with spiritual gifts. We respect and encourage each other in using those gifts and trust that we will be empowered by the Holy Spirit when called upon to use them. We offer our gifts and talents in ways that will serve others and glorify God, and strengthen us as a congregation and community.


We believe each member of this congregation, both lay and pastoral, is personally responsible for the success or failure of the missions and ministry of our church.   We are individually accountable and should expect outcomes that correspond with the support and effort we each apply to the tasks we, as a church, identify as important and necessary. The results of a program or project are a direct reflection of the commitment of the church family, not any one individual.


In order to discern God’s will for the United Church of Christ we must be guided by thoughtfulness, prayer, and a heartfelt desire to embody the spirit of Jesus Christ.  It is important that we open our hearts and minds, and challenge ourselves to exchange our feelings of comfort and complacency for a sense of purpose and excitement.  To this end, we offer this statement of theology.






3/20/11 FINAL Version

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